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USABC Manuals


48 Volt Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles Test Manual

Electric Vehicle Battery Test Procedures Manual

USABC Abuse Test Procedures Manual

USABC Lithium Battery Separator Shut Down Test Procedure

USABC Systems Configuration Guidelines for Batteries

12 V Start Stop Manual

PHEV Manual

Appendix - Developer/National Laboratory Deliverable Checklist

USABC Document Archive

Energy Storage Abuse Test Manual for HEV Applications
Battery Hazard Modes & Risk Mitigation Analysis
Battery Calendar Life Estimator Manual
Battery Technology Life Verification Test Manual
FreedomCAR Power Assist Battery Test Manual
Most Recent Archived 12V Stop/Start Manual
Previous EV Battery Test Manual
FreedomCAR 42 Volt Battery Test Manual
FreedomCAR Ultracapacitor Test Manual
Older Archived 12 V Start Stop Manual
Original Shut Down Separator Test Procedure
Previous Version of the PHEV Manual
Previous Version of Configuration Guidelines for Batteries
LEESS Manual

Other manuals of interest

The DOE has developed a manual for testing the life of batteries in production. While not a formal part of the USABC process, the test methods in the manual are aligned with the USABC methods. You may access this Battery Technology Life Verification Manual from Idaho National Laboratory at: http://avt.inl.gov/battery/pdf/TechLifeVerificationTestManual.pdf


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