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USCAR Recognition Awards

2016 Award Recipients

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Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Steve Clark (FCA US)
USABC Management Committee, Energy TLC Lead

Allison Stephens (Ford)
Manufacturing Working Group, Ergonomics Lead

Mike Tamor (Ford)
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell and Vehicle Electrification TLC Lead

Team Award Winners

Crash Safety Working Group

Electrical Wiring Retention Team (USCAR-44)

Integrated Circuits Forum

USABC Test Methods and Definitions Work Group

Special Recognition Award Winners

Jim Anderson (Ford)
Advanced Powertrain TLC: USCAR and U.S. DRIVE Fuels Working Groups

Renata Arsenault (Ford)
Energy Storage TLC: United States Advanced Battery Consortium
Technical Advisory Committee

Greg Crawford (GM)
Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership

Bob Dawsey (GM)
Vehicle Electrification TLC: U.S. DRIVE Electrical & Electronics Tech Team

Jacqueline Fontaine (Ford)
USCAR Leadership Group (ULG): Vehicle Structure NVH Benchmarking Group

Lou Hector (GM)
Materials TLC: United States Automotive Materials Partnership
Integrated Computational Approach to Development of Lightweight 3GAHSS Vehicle Sub-Assembly

Carrie Okma (FCA US)
Energy Storage TLC: United States Advanced Battery Consortium 
SiNode Active Materials Development Work Group

Jasbir Singh (FCA US)
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Transmission Working Group Axle Subcommittee

Arun Solomon (GM)
Advanced Powertrain TLC: U.S. DRIVE Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Tech Team

Mike Veenstra (Ford)
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell TLC: U.S. DRIVE Hydrogen Storage Tech Team

Research Partner Award Winners

Gloria Bucciero (Bucciero & Associates P.C.)
Bucciero & Associates, USCAR Finance Stakeholders - USAMP & USABC

Richard “Barney” Carlson (Idaho National Laboratory)
Vehicle Electrification TLC: U.S. DRIVE Grid Interaction Tech Team

Mehdi Shafiei (Novelis Inc.)
Manufacturing TLC: Stamping Die Material Assessment for Structural Aluminum Team