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USCAR Recognition Awards

2007 Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Dick Peterson (GM)
Advanced Powertrain, Advanced Combustion Emission Control Tech Team

Jerry Rogers (GM)
Technical Triad

Steve Zimmer (Chrysler) 
USCAR Leadership Group/FreedomCAR Director

Team Award Winners

Low-Cost Alternative to Laser Brazing Project Team

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project Team

Special Recognition Award Winners

Pradeep Attibele (Chrysler)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Transmission Working Group

Gloria Bucciero (Bucciero and Associates)   
Finance Stakeholders

Adrian Elliott (Ford)   
Manufacturing TLC: Joining & Fastening Task Force

Scott Freeman (Chrysler)   
Business Technical Support

Elizabeth Hetrick (Ford)   

Materials TLC: USAMP Automotive Metals Division

Doris Hill (GM)   
Environmental TLC: Vehicle Recycling Partnership

Dan Houston (Ford)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Composites Consortium

Jack Jensen (GM)   
Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership

Tom Leone (Ford)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Engine Benchmarking Group

Mark Mehall (Ford)   
Business Technical Support

Jim Quinn (GM)   
Materials TLC: Materials Tech Team

Ronald Reese (Chrysler)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Advanced Combustion Emission Control Tech Team

Scott Schramm (Chrysler)   
Industry-Government Relations

Dave Schrumpf (GM)   
Environmental TLC: Environmental Research Consortium

Zafar Shaikh (Ford)   

Advanced Powertrain TLC: Selective Catalytic Reduction Working Group

Yibing Shi (Chrysler)   

Safety TLC: Crash Safety Working Group

Don Siegel (Ford)   
Hydrogen TLC: Hydrogen Storage Tech Team

Tom Simko (GM)   
Electrical/Electronics TLC: Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership

Tom Spix (GM)   
Oil Filter Specification Working Group

Allison Stephens (Ford)   
Manufacturing TLC: Ergonomics Task Force

Bob Taeneka (Ford)   

Energy Storage TLC: U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

Richard Talbott (Ford)   
Manufacturing TLC: Joining & Fastening Task Force

Paul Thowson (Chrysler)
Materials TLC: USAMP Steering Committee

Nina Tortosa (GM)   
Aerodynamics Working Group

Candace Wheeler (GM)   

Environmental TLC: Vehicle Recycling Partnership