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USCAR Recognition Awards

2006 Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Phil Archer (Chrysler)   
Finance Stakeholders

Carl Johnson (Ford)   
U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership

Norm Thorpe (GM)   

USCAR Chief Council

Harry Zaverzence (Chrysler)   
Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership
Team Award Winners   
Structural Cast Magnesium Development Project Team

Selective Catalytic Reduction Working Group

Special Recognition Award Winners
Tarek Abdel-Baset (Chrysler)   
Hydrogen TLC: Hydrogen Storage Tech Team

Saeed Barbat (Ford)
Safety TLC: Crash Safety Working Group

Libby Berger (GM)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium

Adrian Cockman (Ford)   

Manufacturing TLC: Joining & Fastening Task Force

Jean Dasch (GM)   
Environmental TLC: Manufacturing Emissions Committee

Amanda Demitrish (GM)       
Finance Stakeholders

Jim Fekete (GM)   

Materials TLC: Auto/Steel Partnership

Jack Huling (Ford)   
Electrical/Electronics TLC: Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership (EWCAP)

Rick Lagerstrom (Chrysler)
Energy Storage TLC: Energy Storage Tech Team

Todd Lounsberry (Chrysler)
Aerodynamics Working Group

Eric McCarty (Chrysler)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Metals Division

Mark Mehall (Ford)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Electrical/Electronics Tech Team

Dick Peterson (GM)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Advanced Combustion & Emission Control Team

Mike Potter (GM)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Selective Catalytic Reduction Working Group

Mike Read (Ford)  
Manufacturing TLC: Plant Floor Controllers

Jesse Schneider (Chrysler)   
Hydrogen TLC: Codes & Standards Tech Team

Mark Smith (PNNL)   
Materials TLC: Materials Tech Team

Harshad Tataria (GM)   
Energy Storage TLC: U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

Mike Vaillancourt (Ford)   
Environmental TLC: Automobile Industry/Government Emissions Research (AIGER)

Chris Wackrow (Fastener Institute)       
Fasteners Committee

Lan Xu (GM)   
Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership