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USCAR Recognition Awards

2003 Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

John Dickerson (Ford)       
Legal Stakeholders

Pat Flaherty (Chrysler)       
Business & Policy Group/Executive Director

Jim Quinn (GM)       
U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership

Special Recognition Award Winners
Cyrus Ashtiani (Chrysler)   
Energy Storage TLC: Energy Storage Tech Team

Dave Brooks (Chrysler)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Low Emissions Partnership

Bill Charron (Ford)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Metals Division

Tom Dearlove (GM)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium

Claudia Duranceau (Ford)   
Environmental TLC: Vehicle Recycling Partnership

Jim Frusti (Chrysler)   
Environmental TLC: Fuels Working Group

Ahsan Habib (GM)   
Energy Storage TLC: U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

Jody Hall (GM)   
Materials TLC: Auto/Steel Partnership

Stan Iobst (GM)   

Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium

Jack Jensen (GM)   
Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership

Carl Johnson (Ford)   

Materials TLC: U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership

Jim Jones (Delphi - GM Rep)   
Electrical/Electronics TLC: 42 Volt Working Group

Scott Jorgensen (GM)   
Hydrogen TLC: Hydrogen Storage Tech Team

Larry Laws (GM)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Vehicle Systems Analysis Tech Team

Bob McCune (Ford)   
Materials TLC: Materials Tech Team

Paul Nicastri (Ford)   
Electrical/Electronics TLC: 42 Volt Working Group

Guglielmo Rabbiolo (Chrysler)   

Safety TLC: Safety Working Group

Craig Ross (GM)   

Advanced Powertrain TLC: Transmission Working Group

Michael Royce (Chrysler)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Low Emissions Partnership

John Sargent (DOC)   
Manufacturing TLC: US A-Team

Scott Schramm (Chrysler) 
Manufacturing TLC: Manufacturing Energy Reduction Task Force

Dennis Siebers (Sandia National Laboratories) 
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Team

Greg Smith (GM)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Electrical & Electronics Tech Team

Ralph White (Chrysler)       
Fasteners Committee

Phyllis Yoshida (DOE)   
DOE FreedomCAR Director