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Fuels Working Group

Welcome to the USCAR Fuels Working Group web page.


Improve U.S. marketplace fuel quality by conducting controlled studies of fuel effects on vehicle efficiency, emissions, and performance, by working collaboratively with the fuels industry to improve standards, and by engaging with regulatory agencies on technical aspects of fuels.  



Refining Economics of U.S. Gasoline: Octane Ratings and Ethanol Content
David S. Hirshfeld and Jeffrey A. Kolb,  MathPro Inc, James E. Anderson, Ford Motor Company,  William Studzinski, General Motors Company,  James Frusti,  Chrysler Group LLC.
Environmental Science & Technology,  September 2014

The Effect of Compression Ratio, Fuel Octane Rating, and Ethanol Content on Spark-Ignition Engine Efficiency
Thomas G. Leone1, James E. Anderson1,*, Richard S. Davis2, Asim Iqbal3, Ronald A. Reese, II3, Michael H. Shelby1, William M. Studzinski2
1 Ford Motor Company, 2 General Motors Company, 3 FCA US LLC

Environmental Science & Technology,  August 2015

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