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Research Partner Awards

The Research Partner Awards recognize external collaborators, who have become essential members of our USCAR teams. They bring the depth and resources of their organizations or companies, expanding our circle of collaboration, and go the extra mile and to do more than their contracts require.

Gloria Bucciero, owner and chief executive officer of Bucciero and Associates, was recognized for her work with the USCAR Finance Stakeholders and the U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership LLC and U.S. Automotive Battery Consortium LLC.  As lead business and accounting associate, involved with USCAR since 1988, she was honored for her work in assisting both teams in securing competitively bid U.S. Department of Energy awards and helping to develop statements of work, contract terms and conditions and other documentation and reports. She was cited for earning “the respect and admiration” of the teams she serves and was lauded for her “dedicated service and contributions.”

Richard ‘Barney’ Carlson, research engineer at Idaho National Laboratory, was recognized for his work as a testing team member with the U.S. DRIVE Grid Interaction Technical Team. He was a key leader in prioritizing budgetary and execution requirements for bench testing various new wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies for charging electric vehicles, leading correct engineering requirements being incorporated into the SAE J-standard currently under development. In addition, he coordinated all aspects of the project, which required resource coordination with INL and six participating facilities.

Mehdi Shafiei, lead scientist and competency group leader at Novelis Inc., was recognized for his work as a member and principal investigator on the Stamping Die Material Assessment for Structural Aluminum Team for which he initiated and led a fundamental study of galling of sheet aluminum on production pierce punches and developed preventative solutions.  His research and investigations showed that magnetron puttered diamond-like carbon coatings were effective in prevention of galling in pierce and trim tools and were adopted into standards for processing dry-film-lubricated aluminum sheet. It was determined that optimized forming, trim and punch tools, using guidelines from this research, would result in significant savings for aluminum-intensive vehicle programs, potentially enabling volume ramp-up.