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Lifetime Achievement Awards

USCAR began presenting Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2003 to recognize individuals who made significant contributions to USCAR during an extended period of time. Most recipients have been active USCAR participants for at least a decade. Their dedication, expertise and the value of their contributions to the organization and our member companies have been immeasurable.

Reg Modlin first was appointed as Chrysler’s member of the management committee for USCAR’s former Environmental Research Consortium (ERC) in 1999.  In 2007, when the ERC morphed into the Environmental TLC, he continued his role as company lead. Since 2009, he also served as a director on the USCAR Leadership Group (ULG), and was an industry director of the FreedomCAR and Fuels Partnership, and subsequently U.S. DRIVE, helping to guide USCAR’s relationship with the U.S. Department of Energy. Additionally, Modlin brought a unique perspective to the ULG as a member of the Industry Government Relations stakeholders group.

Don Nagy (GM) has been active in the Automobile Industry/Government Emissions Research (AIGER) Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) since its inception in 1992.  He chaired numerous project committees and his work has been instrumental in the development of new equipment, test methods and procedures for the measurement of low-level exhaust emissions. His work has resulted in equipment patents as well as several technical papers published by SAE.  He also was instrumental in reviewing and commenting on the test procedures within the LEVIII and Tier 3 regulations.  As an expert on exhaust emissions measurement and fuel economy testing, he also consulted with USCAR’s Fuels Working Group and Mobile Air Conditioning Efficiency Group.

Steve Rouhana (Ford) was a founding member of the Occupant Safety Research Partnership (OSRP) in 1992. He continued to work on development of basic, non-competitive research specifying and evaluating Anthropomorphic Test Devices, or crash test dummies, through 2014. His deep technical knowledge of biomechanics and crash dummy design made him a valuable contributor to all task groups including those formed to develop WorldSID 50th and 5th, THOR, Rear Impact (BioRID) and the SID second generation, which is the first side impact crash dummy representing a 5th percentile female.