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Team Awards

USCAR Team Awards recognize those teams and members who leveraged their resources, exceeded expectations, overcame challenges and created outstanding value for our member companies.

The AVB Ethernet Project Team coordinated several activities to create an industry strategy to develop automotive standard AVB Ethernet networks.  It also coordinated efforts and discussions on AVB Ethernet topics between USCAR and JASPAR and promoted an international automotive discussion group to influence Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards with automotive requirements.  Additionally, the AVB Team facilitated the path toward product integration of AVB Ethernet technology in different automotive domains like Infotainment and Active Safety.

Those recognized as part of the team were: Tim Potochick from FCA US; Jim Lawlis and Doug Oliver from Ford; and Markus Jochim and Massimo Osella from GM.

The Force Mat Insertion Measurements Team conducted a comprehensive technology survey, comparison and evaluation which determined a unique hockey-puck-shaped load cell, which the team termed “the force puck,” proved to be the most reliable and valid tool to measure required manual force exertions within operations in manufacturing environments.
The “force puck” required a user interface and additional software and hardware to be acceptable for commercial application, so the team turned to its University of Windsor member, who in a few short months finalized a force recording system that met the team’s criteria. 

Those recognized as part of the team were: Marc Banning from FCA US; Marty Smets and Allison Stephens from Ford; Bob Fox and Dawn Shephard from GM; and external partners Jennifer Marshall (Sandalwood Engineering and Ergonomics) and Joel Cort (University of Windsor).

The USABC Electrolytes Development Team identified the collectively exhaustive and mutually exclusive set of properties that must be identified for electrolytes in automotive applications. They published the Electrolyte Test Methods and related procedures document, and produced an RFPI that will proactively guide battery and electrolyte suppliers. The RFPI also includes a gap-analysis chart which allows the team to efficiently evaluate the proposals received.  In addition, the team specified a partnership between the electrolyte developer and a cell fabricator as a necessary attribute of a proposal submission. 

Those recognized as part of the team were: Carrie Okma from FCA US; Zoe Zhou from Ford; and Ion Halalay from GM.