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Special Recognition Awards

The Special Recognition Award is designed to recognize individual OEM participants who excelled in the past year and demonstrated their exceptional commitment to USCAR by going above and beyond the call of duty. It recognizes those whose leadership inspires their teams to achieve greatness.

Matt Denlinger, Ford battery research engineer, was recognized for his work on the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) Technical Advisory Committee. Denlinger was a key contributor to the creation and public release of the USABC 48V battery goals and 48V HEV Battery Development Request For Proposal Information (RFPI), review and revision of the USABC 12V Battery RFPI, and evaluation and negotiation of responses to the USABC 12V Battery RFPI.

Britta Gross, GM director of advanced vehicle commercialization policy, was recognized as a founding member of the U.S. DRIVE Grid Interaction Tech Team (GITT) and its OEM co-chair for the past three years.  Her enthusiastic support for interoperability testing helped the industry complete the SAE J2953 test specification for AC L2 testing, and also the critical development of the unique Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) interoperability test.  Learnings from this testing will lead to a more precise and refined SAE J1772 charging standard that benefits all industry. 

Gwen Malone, technical fellow and senior manager, ergonomics and 3D Digital Human Modeling simulation, has been the GM lead representative to the USCAR Ergonomic Task Force for the past 11 years.  As a member of the team, she has been the lead on 16 projects, including 13 active projects in 2014.  Additionally, her enhancements to the Jack Digital Human Model helped improve efficiencies for evaluating different scenarios for a full workstation simulation within the OEMs. Improvements in the efficiencies and accuracy of various Digital Human Model simulations resulted in cost avoidance of $45,000 per issue.

Tim Schumaier, FCA US senior development and validation engineer, was recognized for his work on the Transmission Working Group Axle Subcommittee. Schumaier was instrumental in developing and managing the front axle parasitic loss project.  He also led the effort to establish a unified test matrix to comprehend the critical test torque and speed for FTP city/highway, US06 and NEDC schedules as well as temperature conditions for Cold Carbon Dioxide Credits.