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USCAR Recognition Awards

2005 Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

John Fillion (Chrysler)   
U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership

Richard Jeryan (Ford)  
Automotive Composites Consortium and U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership

Mark Kemmer (GM)       
Industry-Government Relations

Mark Verbrugge (GM)

U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership and U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

Team Award Winner

Automobile Industry/Government Emissions Research (AIGER)

Special Recognition Award Winners

Jim Anderson (Ford)   
Environmental TLC: Manufacturing Emissions Committee

Bruce Blakemore (Ford)   
Energy Storage TLC: Energy Storage Tech Team

Richard Blint (GM)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Team

John Catterall (GM)   

Materials TLC: Auto/Steel Partnership

Bill Charron (Ford)   
Manufacturing TLC: Manufacturing Working Group

Jeffrey Dahl (Ford)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium

Vijay Garg (Ford)   
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Electrical & Electronics Tech Team

Eric Heim (Heim Consulting)   
Energy Storage TLC: U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

Agnes Kim (Ford)   
Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership

Dave Olds (GM)
Advanced Powertrain TLC: Transmission Working Group

Richard Osborne (GM)   
Materials TLC: Automotive Metals Division

John Phillips (Ford)   
Environmental TLC: Manufacturing Emissions Committee

Bernie Slovan (GM)   
Electrical/Electronics TLC: Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership (EWCAP)

Mike Steele (GM)   
Hydrogen TLC: Codes & Standards Tech Team

Bill Stanko (Ford)   
Safety TLC: Crash Safety Working Group

Joe Tarajos (Chrysler)   
Materials TLC: Materials Tech Team

Chris Wolverton (Ford)   
Hydrogen TLC: Hydrogen Storage Tech Team